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Statement A: I am who I am. I don't stand for no bullshit , in this world that we live there is lots of wrong , mass brainwashing and people who dont give a shit about the factors that matter. Poverty , Enviromental Destruction , Mass Materialism etc etc. These all piss me off. Football is somethign that I don't understand because although I love playing it , I never understand why people love teams which hold nothing hardly anybody who is local 'etc' to there teams. I dont understand how you could support teams like that. Goes for all. Racism is something that pisses me off because the embracing of all cultures is needed. We all need to listen to each other alittle better and maybe then we would all get on better. There is no soild road for all peoples we all walk our own path and take our own choices our friends are only here to advice and guide. Stand Up All , Take Your Own Path. May It Be The Right One For you.
1000 island dressing, 16-bit, 8 bit computers, 8-bit, a silver mount zion, adventures, air, air guitar, alan partridge, alice in chains, ambient music, amiga, amon tobin, anime, aphex twin, arnold schwarzenegger, art, bach, batman, battle royale, beethoven, billy joel, boards of canada, booker t, bret easton ellis, brom, bruce willis, cave-in, cheese burgers, classical music, comics, computer games, counter strike, courtney love, danny elfman, david bowie, deus ex, devin townsend, die hard, discworld, dj shadow, downloading, dreams, drum and bass, ebay, envy, explosions in the sky, fantasy, fantômas, fast transport, feet touching feet, final fantasy, fruits, fruity loops, gameboy, gamecube, genesis, grandmaster flash, grunge, guitar, guitar pro, hardcore, hentai, holding hands, hook, hugs, human beings, hunter s thompson, interesting people, inxs, isis, j-rock, japan, japanese culture, jesu, john parr, johnny cash, johnny depp, josh kirby, joy division, k-pax, kaospilot, kate bush, kids in the hall, kissing, leon, mad capsule markets, malice mizer, mankind, mario, massive attack, metal, michael jackson, midi, mike patton, mogwai, monkey island, morrissey, music composition, neil young, new order, nin, nintendo, nintendo ds, photography, pirates, playstation, pokemon, prince, red wine, richard bachman, romance, ryan adams, sci fi art, sepultura, silver, simon the sorcerer, sleeping, slender, smackdown, smashing your face, snes, soulseek, stone cold, strange things, super noodles, synthesizers, tekken, terry pratchett, the 80's, the rock, the running man, the smiths, thomas newman, tim buckley, tool, tori amos, tracksuits, type o negative, unreal tournament, using chop sticks, velvet acid christ, verbalife, warcraft, wario, women, world of warcraft, wwf, yellow machinegun